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5 craziest things candidates have ever said at an interview and still gotten the job

Hi friends, I am David, admin of interviewquestionsaz. I have read many articles on Quora.com, the largest Q & A site in the world. ...

Hi friends, I am David, admin of interviewquestionsaz.

I have read many articles on Quora.com, the largest Q & A site in the world.

I found out that many of the candidates told many interesting stories about job interviews. I'm sure these stories will give you a lot of valuable information.

1. Barun Mohanty

Barun Mohanty is a Researcher, Asst. Professor in India. He got his MBA in marketing, and he shared his answer to the question: “Why should I hire you?” as follows:

Barun Mohanty's answer to the question: "Why should I hire you?"

Interviewer- Why should I hire you?

Neal- Don’t you want?

Interviewer- No.

Neal- Why not?

Interviewer- Out of 30 candidates, 29 are more experienced than you.

Neal- Ma’am, what about the remaining one?

Interviewer- C’mon! That’s you.

Neal- Then, why did you call me for the interview? Now, why are you asking me this question if you don’t want to hire?

Interviewer- Okay, you can go now. We don’t waste your time any more.

Neal- Okay, I will leave. But before that can I have a minute?

Interviewer- Yes.

Neal- Have you ever heard of “All out mosquito repellent”?

Interviewer- Yes.

Neal- Ma’am, I had been using All out for five years. Still, I was having mosquito bites every night. It was a kind of hell for me. Suddenly, I replaced the liquid with another brand which was less expensive. And the mosquitos went away.

Interviewer- I didn’t get it.

Neal- The other 29 experienced salesmen will make the sales process too much predictable with their conventional sales method. Your clients might buy or might not. But I can be trained to develop a new sales method.

Interviewer- That’s okay! But we are not in a position to take a risk. Our company is already in loss.

Neal- That’s what I’m talking about. Your current salespersons are not able to sell these days with their conventional method. How many salespersons you have?

Interviewer- 300.

Neal- Your company is already in loss. If I won’t perform, that will affect your sales 0.33%.

Will it matter? But, if I will be able to sell with a new method, that will be a revolution. You have five vacancies. You can hire me and four of the other experienced person.

Interviewer- Okay. I will hire you. But, what if you won’t perform?

Neal- I just sold you my words. That’s how I will sell your products too.


2. Byron Henry

Byron Henry is a Communicator; part-time writer, editor; full-time procrastinator in Vancouver, BC. He works at Simon Fraser University. He shared his story as follows:

Byron Henry's interview story:

"Absolutely nothing" I responded.

Just out of university and looking for a job as a copywriter. Not finding much, so registered with an employment agency who -- why wouldn't they? -- sent me to an interview for a credit officer position with a commercial bank.

The question was something like "So what do you know about finance?"

The manager interviewing me remained silent for only a beat or two, then nodded "Good; you'll be easy to teach. I'm sick and tired of these snotty business grads who think they already know everything!"

We talked hockey (a common Canadian preoccupation) for the rest of the interview, and I was offered and accepted the job.

In the way these things work, that banking position led to a marketing/advertising one in a related industry, which led to... etc, etc.

Looking back, I'm pretty sure the only job interviews I've ever nailed have been for jobs that, at the time, I didn't think I wanted.

3. Steve Larrison

Steve Larrison is Sr. Enterprise Data Architect. Currently working on Space Network Ground System Sustainment (SGSS) for General Dynamics. He shared his story as follows:

Steve Larrison's interview story:

This was spontaneous, but not inadvertent. Philosophically I believe that if you can't have a good time at work and get something done at the same time, something is wrong.  I am fortunate to be skilled in a technical niche that has strong demand, rapid growth, and an under supply of people.  This allows me the luxury of being able to see if a prospective environment is an environment that I actually want to work in.

Anyway, with that out of the way I was interviewing for a contract and nearing the end of that round of interviews.  Technically it was a good match for my background, and I also had good domain knowledge.  I also had already established a rapport with the person I would be working with when I was asked a standard, yet lame interview question - "What is your greatest weakness?"

I stood up from my chair, grabbed a stapler off the interviewers desk, and shoved it in my pocket and said "I'm a kleptomaniac"

He laughed a bit and asked me if I really wanted to use that answer.

This started a bit of back and forth conversation.  I told him that my job as an interviewee was to cover my weaknesses, and his job as an interviewer was to see through my cover. Simply asking my weaknesses made it way too easy for him and was counterproductive for me.

A bit more laughter and I finally came around with "Would you believe that I have a bad habit of telling inappropriate jokes at the worst possible time?"

He believed it, but it didn't stop him from offering me the contract.

4. Prince Kumar

He studied at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. Lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He shared his story as follows:

Prince Kumar's interview story:

After clearing one telephonic and one skype round of interview, I was called for F2F interview at LinkedIn, Banglore. I had couple of interviews there with the architects, Senior director, Product head, Manager, and some of the my future team mates who were keen on testing my coding skills.

After this exhausting day, HR said they will inform me in couple of days. I was interviewed on Friday. I was totally amazed by the opulence. The people, the management, the way they coordinated everything was smooth. Since, I thought i did well, I was hopeful for the next round.

Here is the story in the background: The intention for appearing for linkedin was not because i was very much interested into LinkedIn but because my crush was working in the same tech park. (Yeah, I know i sound silly)

I had some good offers from Pune, and even from different part of Banglore. But i wanted to join any company which was in the same tech park.

On next Tuesday, I got the call from the HR saying tomorrow will be the telephonic discussion. I gave them a slot for Wednesday, 1:30 cause that was the time, I was out for lunch and I did not want my office people to know that, I am appearing for interviews.

At around, 1 on Wednesday, I called my crush and she told me that she has left the job in that tech park and she is relocating to Hyderabad, in front of my office.

I was like what the hell. I planned not to move to Banglore. At 1:30 I got the call and they were negotiating about the salary, I anyway did not want to join, so asked for more than my expectation to which they denied. I simply cut the call saying, I am not interested.

I started regretting what the hell, I have done, I have rejected LinkedIN, I started cursing my self. I was sad and happy too. I wanted to go back and change what i have done. Out of blue, They called me at 4, same day and offered me what i was asking.

I readily accepted the offer.

Amores Perros :P

5. Anunay Thakur

Anunay Thakur studied at R K Mission Vidyapith Deoghar. Lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He shared his story as follows:

Anunay Thakur's interview story:

I don’t want to mention which company interview it was. After waiting for long, I went for the interview. I was quite irritated from the beginning, as I had waited for long and I was the last person for the day.

Interviewer:  So tell me something about yourself.

Some random memorized answer.

Interviewer:  tell something about the latest technology which I don’t know about.

I started telling him about the then latest features of Android(most probably version 5, Lollipop).

Interviewer:  don’t you think Apple has already come up with all these features in their IPhone. So what’s the need for google bring it now?

Me: Sir, technology and IT industry is all about “Copy – Pasting”.One company comes up with the idea and other companies copy it to give competition to the same company coming up with the idea.

Interviewer found himself dumb stuck at my copy pasting remark and our conversation on that topic got over.

Moving On ..

Interviewer: What would you choose, a place to work with lots of friends or a place where you can earn a lots of money?

I chose a place with friends.

Interviewer: So you mean to say money is not important for you.

Me: I never said so. I need money to survive not for happiness. If you want me to do rs10 job, all you have to do is to ask me politely or rather say it you request me to do the job. I will move mountains to complete the work, and that to I will just take rs5 for it. But if you give me rs20 for the same job by giving me orders, then I will refuse to work on it.

Interviewer: your refusal can cost you your job.

Me: it’s okay. There are other companies in the market. "I will join someone else".

Interviewer (dumb stuck) : you know you are in an interview.

Me: yes sir, and I also know I have all rights to express myself.


If you have any interesting stories, pls leave your comment below.


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